• Hair alone is not.
  • There is no harmony.
  • There is no control of the attachments, so tips that shoot.
  • There is no harmony with your face.
  • If you don’t go to the hairdresser, the hair is everywhere.
  • From now it seems that you gave yourself a random scissor.
  • 10 minutes of cutting + 20 minutes of folding.
  • If they make you pay € 5, that’s fine, or they’ve made fun of you.

Today we still talk about scenographic techniques, of the innovations that someone invents.

This new scenographic technique consists in making pigtails and once done, directly cut the tails with the scissors.

This is definitely not something to do!

Okay, the news, it’s good to propose to the customer an “innovative” technique, but up to a certain point, a person could even get the pigtails and cut the tails on his own at home and get the same result.

It is unthinkable that with a technique of this kind the hair remains in place, there is no harmony, control of attachments non-existent, which is the most important thing to get a cut as it should be.

How can a custom cut be achieved if this is done to all customers?

A hair cut in this way will be full of holes! The sides, of these “cones” made with pigtails, will be longer while in the middle there will be holes. With this it is impossible for your hair to stay in place, managing nothing at home!

Many hairdressers are looking for these fast techniques, the less time they put into it, but all this is ridiculous and is far from beneficial to the customer. There are even transmissions that show hairdressers cutting their hair with an ax or with clawed gloves .. unthinkable things!

If the hairline and type of hair are respected, rest assured that even when you do it yourself at home, your hair will stay in place!

Having said that, beware of people using these techniques!

At Revolution, over the years, we have learned advanced cutting techniques, nothing is left to chance! We assure you!