• It looks like you haven’t been doing color for months.
  • You have spots on your hair that look like a zebra.

  • You’ve found yourself with totally blonde lengths.
  • Your tips are now burned.
  • The lightening seems to be homemade.
  • They are lightening done at random, which does not make sense of the cut.
  • Short work time.

The balloons yes, the very ones that flutter from all sides. And what do they do with hair? .. sometimes hairdressers invent things. You take strands of hair, they fade and the strands hang on the balloons.

When everything is finished you look good and you look like you have all your hair stained, it’s like you haven’t done the color for months and months .. your lengths have become totally uniform blondes, you have two different colors in your head, plus all the tips burned.

It is as if you had done the lightening alone at home are made at random.

It happens that some hairdressers are attracted by these techniques, paradoxically easy and fast (because this is the important thing), but this combination is very dangerous! These techniques are presented in the courses with beautiful choreography and the hairdressers all happy if they take them home and start practicing them on the clients.

Many wanting to please the customer who requested a very light color, increase the volume of the bleaching thus increasing the damage to the hair. And this thing is quite serious our goal is always to give you wow hair, and to get all this there is an appropriate path to follow, to maintain a healthy skin, a beautiful and cared for length, then the cut or the color must not devastate the length of the hair, they must not be made so by chance.

These innovations, these techniques, in a high percentage of cases do not work usually who invents them has a great success, has a good response, but the final customer does not have a good response! You have no money to make you do this kind of service, indeed…

With these techniques, the times are shortened a lot, but to have an optimal result it clearly takes longer.


  • With one of our customers, the solution was the shears, cut the most damaged, most burnt part.
  • Avoid making you do scenographic techniques. Find out first if you care about your hair health.
  • Always ask if your hair can withstand lightning.
  • If you really want to lighten, make sure that the hair is not burned because otherwise, the only solution that remains is just the cut.