• You have decided to change the color.
  • You have a hair color that you don’t like anymore.

It is now years that you make yourself black, you want to change, but your friend who has always made her color too dark at home, one day, wanting to change, she has bought a lighter color disaster has become a zebra!

Yes, but also Federica who went to the hairdresser to change her homemade mahogany .. she came out with short hair because, in order to lighten them as she wanted, in the end, they burned them all.

Nothing, nothing makes you change your mind so go to the supermarket, buy the color and come home you do it yourself; once you finish drying your hair, you realize that you don’t like it even a little and of course you had 6 cm of growth, you bought a mahogany because you wanted to change and now you find yourself like your friend: striped.

Now the choices are 2: or you redo the black that is not good for you anyway, it darkens your face and marks your features or you have to turn to a professional who has to make up for your mistakes.

This is the story of Barbara and Federica, two friends with two different endings.

Federica had to cut all her hair.

Barbara decided to rely on our hands.

If you care about your hair, don’t let anyone touch you as a hairstylist, but contact a professional! Because the risk of having to cut all your hair is high.

In addition, remember that a professional can advise you, even if you want a dark color, colors that are removed much more easily than a normal supermarket color.