• Always frizzy and dull hair.
  • Your volumes are unmanageable.
  • You want highlights, but when you wash them and dry them naturally, you look full of spots.
  • Even if you are no longer 20 years old, you want to keep them long, but when they reach a certain point they don’t grow more than a tot. Yet before they were longer.

Since it is crucial for us to be able to give “wow hair” to all of you, today we begin a series of live shows dedicated to you who have this type of hair, which if treated correctly is certainly comfortable and beautiful, but if treated incorrectly it can become your worst nightmare.

You always have dull hair, your curl is always frizzy and ugly and even your volumes are unmanageable. You are more and more convinced that as far as hair is concerned, you have definitely not been lucky, you couldn’t have worse hair; what’s more? As the years go by and they grow less, it seems like growth has stopped, but are you sure it’s your hair’s fault? Are you sure that what happens is not the result of your management errors? .. it could also be so.

Today we will focus on the phases from the “after shampoo” (cleansing summary), from when you should apply the conditioner in the shower, that is, a moisturizing product and the more the hair tends to become knotted, the more it is crucial to use a larger quantity to help you untangle them … first of everything with your hands, starting from the tips and climbing towards the roots, then repeat the same operation using a wide-toothed comb. After that proceed with the drying, dabbing and absolutely not rubbing them .. once done this, get yourself some gel indicated for the curls (at Revolution we found one without silicones that even favors the formation of the curl and one that on the contrary opens the hedgehog), Repeat the hair with a wide-toothed comb always starting from the tips and climbing towards the roots and finally move them with your hands giving it the shape you prefer. It is important to use a diffuser (never use the hair dryer free as it would tend to stretch the hair and make it more frizzy). Once dried, we recommend never brushing or combing them until the next wash.

Another fundamental step, especially if you color them, is the regenerating, which in the case of curly hair it is important that it contains active moisturizers and that it is used whenever the color is made.

Finally the cut, which must be made at least 3/4 times a year if you want your hair to grow longer and longer .. it is normal for the tips to be ruined and consequently can almost come to crumble and even if it does not seem to you, this is what happens in many cases.

Even Arianna had these problems when she arrived at Revolution (now 4 years ago), and after a few months, following the Revolution system, she found herself with completely different hair … from frizzy, dull and unmanageable, to shiny, hydrated and easy to manage; the only problem was the growth .. even according to Arianna to have long hair you should not cut, it took us almost 1 year to convince her that if she wanted them longer, she had to cut them all the times that the hair required it .. we have made a bet with her, which of course we won, after about a year and a half from the first cut (at the same time we made another 3) her hair was longer than before.