Hair in summer suffers a lot of damage (especially for those with a medium-long hair): the sun, the heat, the pool, the saltiness, simply a greater sweating, are all factors that affect the hair .. causing stress to the hair. They make the hair become drier, that the color fades more easily, the skin becomes more charged with toxins so this is a period that requires a more careful and specific arrangement.

On the blonde it can happen to see glimpses on the green .. especially the chlorine tends to bring out greenish shades; In addition, chlorine dries the hair a lot, dehydrates it. (obviously in continuity, it doesn’t happen if you go to the pool once in a while).

The sweat causes an increase in toxins on the skin, causes damage to the skin, sticks the lengths causing it to lose volume, thus giving crushed hair The result is certainly not wow hair.

Not to mention the saltiness, the salt dries a lot! Salt and sun think of your hair that can be damaged when you go to the beach. Your color no longer holds, your hair dries the combination of heat and saltiness are heavy for the hair, without counting the action of the wind.

To our knowledge, a product that systems everything we have listed does not exist .. we recommend different products that unfortunately are only palliative, superficial in our opinion; the situation is likely to get worse and worse.

To keep your hair beautiful, we advise you to rinse it immediately after swimming in the sea or in the pool, to remove salt or chlorine residues immediately; do not rub them hard with the towel to remove excess water, they will dry themselves in the sun anyway.

Moisturize your skin and hair: Use a spray-free moisturizer during sun exposure and after bathing. The damage will definitely be limited. Educate yourself to wash the skin at least once a day with a moisturizing cream .. also to remove all the residues of chlorine and salt.

Regenerate your hair before going to the beach, the damage will be much less.

At Revolution, we use regenerants that truly penetrate the hair, free of silicones, natural !. In the summer season at least two or three should be done, in order to prevent serious damage.