What does it mean not to comply with these rules? Ask for a cut not suitable for the type of hair?

“I’m afraid to climb them because I already have few and thin, it seems to me to have even less”: many people with thin hair are convinced of being with less hair if they do not maintain an equal cut .. whoever has thin hair also tends to say: “I don’t wash them too much because otherwise being already thin they ruin themselves, even more, they become brittle, they seem to be less, etc. Many do not even want to have a moisturizer applied to their skin, being afraid that it will weigh down the hair (exchanging it naively for a balm, which as a fatty product, yes, weighs down and like the hair), but a thin hair needs to be hydrated, being fragile, it needs to have more body.

Some people even ask for a more thorough cut, a very firm shaving machine on a big hair is also fine, but on a thin hair, you would risk to see the skin, to be almost peeled so it would no longer so beautiful, so harmonious. Aimé a shaved cut is to be excluded.

Some hairdressers also use filling to give a “feather” effect on the tips, a light effect, but in this way the situation worsens maybe once you leave the hairdresser you are all happy, then at home?

So what are the solutions to keep a thin hair at its best? Here are some summary tips:

  • Hair to keep checked frequently, at least 4/5 times a year. Because being more fragile, the tip deteriorates more, those points need to be removed to give body to the hair.
  • Absolutely avoid even cuts. Get yourself graduation! Because the hair will take volume .. the volumes will be placed in the correct way and you will seem to have more hair.
  • Avoid shaving.
  • Wash them frequently, with targeted detergents, so as to free the roots for more volume.

At this point, book your free consultation to find out all the secrets about thin hair! We are waiting for you!