• Your hedgehog is no longer so curly.
  • Your volume is gone.
  • Your points are always more frizzy.
  • The color fades a lot on the tips.
  • For every color you make, your hair is increasingly suffering.

Thin curly hair can present these different problems.

Made a certain number of colors, you realize that your hedgehog is “tired”, it is becoming choppy, it no longer has the volume of before, it is getting more and more unconscious the tips are always more frizzy, drier the hair is no longer the same. Your hair has always been dry because in any case, a thin curly hair has already little hydration, it is a hair that tends to frizz and the more colors you make, the more it all increases.

Another very important signal is the tips that no longer hold the color as before, they fade so much every time you make the color it is as if the hair suffered. It is not an impression, it is the hair that is changing.

The traditional colors tend to burn part of the hydration and already a thin curly hair has little depigmenting the lengths it goes to remove the hair’s moisture and the more it is removed the hair’s hydration, the more the color becomes ugly, crepe arere is the damage increases.

This condition alone does not improve and by continuing to apply the color even on the lengths, I am going to increase the damage to the hair.


  • Do not let the color pass over the lengths.
  • always restores the hair.
  • use moisturizing products.
  • Also consider changing the type of color, avoiding traditional colors because they strongly attack your hair.

We have the right product for you, to color your hair (obviously not only for you that you have a thin curly hair: the lands. The earth is totally natural, therefore they do not dehydrate the hair, even if they are applied on the tips .. indeed this type of coloring uses salt (totally natural product) to make the color remain inside the hair. The hair is covered equally from root to tip. It gives a reflection, but be careful: it does not lighten, if you are dark (black or brown) you cannot become blonde. It gives fullness to the hair, restructures it, which is why it is essential for you that you have thin curly hair. It is full of natural substances, the hair becomes radiant; the color fades uniformly and the hair will remain shiny and shiny.