Everything is fine when the hairdresser use best hair straightening brush, but do you have a safety straightening tools at home?

Some very important rules for your hair:

  • Dry hair, frizzy after cutting.
  • Equal cut = ball in the head.
  • Some hairdressers please you and use fray and thinning machines.
  • Do you go to the hairdresser every day?
  • If you ask for cuts that other people have, make sure they are good for you.
  • Do not force yourself on a certain type of cut.
  • Don’t get used to fraying or thinning.
  • Make a cut that is aesthetically beautiful and easy to manage.

Today we talk about the various rules of cutting, yes, because every type of hair has its own cutting rules.

It is easy to go to the hairdresser to have the cut made and come out beautiful, but afterward? It is important that you know how to manage your hair even at home.

A person with thick hair, tending to frizz, is often convinced that going to remove them goes to “deflate” them, but it is not.

If certain rules are not used, the hair is not manageable, for example, the way it swells

For these types of hair are often used sfilzini, razors or even toothed scissors, these are tools that make it seem lighter, but empty the hair and after a few days, it swells even more and becomes opaque.

So the advice we give you is to make a cut that fits your hair … you don’t just have to like it, but it should look good on you.

Let yourself use only full-blade scissors to get the volumes in the right place and manage them better at home.

They are important details that lead to having wow hair!