An important thing is to select a trained hairdresser, a professional able to study a cut and develop it technically in the correct way.

What is your need: feel good, practical management of the cut, have long hair to be able to tie them easily, when you collect your hair it may be that you realize that you are more beautiful.

Perfection would be to achieve all this, but many times you have to make choices.

Before making these choices, the hairdresser must be clear about your priorities.

Your problem is having hair on your face, especially now that summer comes and you sweat, your hair could stick to your forehead so either you cut them very short or if you are a lover of hair long surely you will always keep them tied, given the kind of annoyance they create to you. It is therefore important to communicate all this to the hairdresser before choosing the line that you are going to do, to avoid leaving the store unhappy.

Every week you have to go to the hairdresser to let you do the styling, wherever you are, it is an obligatory stop for you at this point you can afford to play more on aesthetics because so much always going to make you do the fold in the store, many cutting problems do not arise.

All these steps I’m telling you are to emphasize how important it is to communicate your priorities to the hairdresser, to allow them to give you hair wow!

Or you are a woman always in a hurry, who washes your hair every day and has no time to go to the hairdresser, but you need a proper product for cleansing .. you need a practical cut that fits into place simply with a hairdryer and hands. If this is your priority, certain cutting lines must be discarded, a simple line must be taken into consideration.

Changing your look, changing your cut, it’s never easy the customer’s decision is one of those moments that can be misleading in the sense that your primary objective is not communicated correctly to the operator and for us, instead of the communication of all this it is important to get wow hair.

Incorrect communication is enough to get a different result from the one you wanted.

For us, correct communication is essential, fundamental!

So before entering a store, it is essential to know what your real needs are, it is crucial. Focus on the goal: wow hair!