Don’t find the right hairdresser, keep changing.

Your hair always sticks to your head:

Have you ever wondered if the detergent you use is valid? If you really keep your skin clean, do you wash your skin frequently and correctly? Above all without scratching! Or it may be that the cut that was made to you is not indicated for your type of hair.

You always have dry hair:

Because of the color? For the treatments that you do? (bleaching or similar) or do you use a proper moisturizer? You never let yourself be rejuvenated, which is essential if you have very dry hair if you expose yourself to the sun or go to the pool frequently.

One day you want to become blonde, another red day, then you let yourself be treated a thousand times … so your hair remains dry and dehydrated…

As a result, your hair is never in place.

It may be that you are not in place even for the various tools that have been used to make the cut .. moreover the color does not hold, in addition to being switched off, the color certainly cannot penetrate into a brittle and “poor” hair, the root (healthier) will be darker than lengths.

With all these problems, you look in the mirror and don’t like yourself .. who knows how many of you will see each other again in everything we’ve just said.

So many things put together can make you dislike your current look.

To make sure you like it, changes are definitely needed, you can’t hope that the cut and the color that you enjoyed at 20, are good for you even now .. your face, your skin have changed so you need changes to your look.

Don’t be satisfied! You don’t have to think that you can’t get better than what you already have!

So what are the solutions to improve your image:

  • Appropriate graduation will ensure that your hair does not stick to your head, the volumes will be proportionate.
  • The education in managing them at home: how much and how you wash them.
  • Make regenerating treatments that penetrate the hair, but are natural! Not filled with silicones !. You will also see that your color will last longer.

What we try to make you understand is that many times your dissatisfaction is motivated and solutions exist. But there is not a single solution as you will have understood .. there are fundamental steps from which we must start:

  • Advice: understand what is right for you or not.
  • The skin: let’s water it with the indicated products, wash it every day with the right products.
  • The hair: let’s regenerate it.
  • Cutting.
  • Color.

If you really want to be happy with your hair, you have to follow a path, bringing all these steps to excellence.